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герб Gorodishche


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About Gorodishche

Population: 22 ths
Founded: 1959
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 212

Gorodishche is a township in Volgograd region which is located on Mokraya Mechetka River, in 15 km to the northwest from Volgograd.

The village was founded in 1827; it was given the status of a township in 1959.

The temple of All Grieving pleasure is one of the oldest buildings of Gorodishche. The wooden church was constructed in 1845. Construction of a stone temple in Byzantine style began in place of the wooden church in 1905. The temple was closed in 1936. Its building had been used as a club, a warehouse and a library. The temple was returned to believers only in 1989. The restoration of the church is being made.

Marchal Chuykov Street is the main street of the township. There is a mass grave of the Soviet soldiers who have given their lives for country during the Battle of Stalingrad. The monument "Explosion" has been erected on this bed oh honor. There are many other sights in Gorodishche; this is, for example, monuments to Lenin, to combatant in Afghanistan, Fight for Stalingrad, "Air defense gun".

The majority of dwelling houses in Gorodishche are five-storeyd. Some nine-storeyd houses also were built recently in township.

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