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герб Volgograd Region Volgograd Region



Population: 1019 ths
Founded: 1589
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 9475

Volgograd region is a part of the Southern federal district which borders on the Astrakhan, Saratov, Voronezh, Rostov regions, the Republic of Kalmykia and Kazakhstan.

Administrative center is the hero city of Volgograd. Other cities of regional subordinance are Volzhsky, Kamyshin, Mikhailovka, Uryupinsk and Frolovo.

Population of the region is 2 595 thousand people. 75.2% of them live in the cities, and 24.8% - on the countryside.

Agricultural lands occupies 78% of the total regional territory, woods occupy about 5.2%. There are about 200 rivers in the Volgograd region; largest of them are Volga and Don.

The industry is well developed here, and especially such branches, as metal fabrication industries, metallurgy, chemistry and petrochemistry, consumer industry and food processing and production of building materials.

Golubinskie Pesky, a desert zone in the steppe, is the unique natural monument most visited by tourists. The Sarpinsky Island is also of great interest. There are some natural parks in Volgograd region. The most popular among them are Shcherbakovsky, Volgo-Akhtubinskaya poima, Eltonsky, Tsimlyanskie Peski and some others which undoubtedly attract the tourist from the whole country. One of the main sights of the region is Mamayev Kurgan with the 52-meter statue The Motherland calls!

It will be interesting for everyone to visit the museum of Russian fairy-tale named after A. Pushkin and located in Kirovets village. Here all guests will be welcomed by famous Russian fairy-tale characters. There is also a museum of the Cossack national architecture and way of life near Volgograd for those who are fond of history of Cossacks. And for those who are interested in the Battle of Stalingrad it will be interesting to look at the places of glory located in Volgo-Akhtubinskaya poima.

There are monasteries in the territory of Volgograd region which are visited not only by pilgrims, but also by all connoisseurs of architectural monuments. That is, for example, Belogorsky Svyato-Troitsky monastery built in the 19th century in Olkhovsky district. One of its main features is caves which were dug through the chalk mountain several centuries ago. Svyato-Voznesensky Kremensky friery based in 1693 as well as Dubovsky Svyato-Voznesensky convent, which is an architectural monument of the end of the 19th century, aren't less interesting.

Except above-mentioned, Volgograd region has a lot of other sights: burials of a bronze age near Khutor Cherepashka, Tsarevsky ancient settlement, the memorial complex "Soldier's Field", Volgograd dancing bridge and many others.



Population: 327 ths
Founded: 1951
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 1477


Population: 22 ths
Founded: 1959
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 212
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